I just love wedding photography - just-hitched

It's not just wedding photography, I just love photography!

My memory is rubbish, so taking photos for me, is like a visual journal that transports me back to a time and place I would have forgotten if I had not had this little visual reference.

The great thing about this, is also, I get the pleasure of watching my photographs, transport others back too. It's totally amazing to see people have that trigger and suddenly remember that moment. This is why I love photography.

So whether it's a wedding where absolute care and attention is taken, or on a stroll through a city with just the camera on my phone. Each moment captured gives me that visual nudge, reminder that one day I'll be grateful for.

Now apply this to your wedding day. You and your soon to be spouse look amazing. The time taken to choose all the details that build up your wedding day, from hair clips and handkerchiefs to a stunning dress and an amazing venue with all the little trinkets that go with it. Surely it makes sense to get the right photographer to capture these memories for you. 

Well, you'll be surprised how many times I hear..."I wished I had not skimped on my wedding photography!", "we trusted a friend to take the photographs, and they're not what we expected!"

So why risk it. Be brave, choose a wedding photographer who's style you love, who you get on with and who's work blows you away. If Just Hitched is that to you, then get in touch as we'd love to hear from you. 

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