Workshops & Training

If you are new to photography or its been a while since you have picked up a camera and want to brush up or understand a new camera. These are perfect short sessions to get you moving. Each session lasts 4 hours and covers some basic skills that will get you off of the 'P' or "Auto' mode and begin you on your journey to creating some beautiful photography.

Whatever your experience is within photography, there is always a lesson to be learned. If you are changing genre or would like to go through some specific techniques like Fine Art B&W or Long Exposure photography, then this session will be ideal for you.

A frequent traveller around the UK, I do like to throw in the odd workshop in some remote place. The Isle of Skye, the Outer Hebrides, the Lake District, North Wales, Northumberland. These are just a few places I like to visit throughout the year and make the most of our truly beautiful country. 

So drop me a mail if you would like to stay informed or interested in going on a workshop with me to explore and photograph some amazing landscape photography. 

Workshops are usually around February to April and October to November. We can always plan a 1-1 workshop around you if you'd rather keep it to your requirements.

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